Irregular is a webcomic illustrated by Cait May, and written by Cait and Trevor Bream.

They live in Baltimore with their two cats.

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Cait MayCait

graduated college with a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Irregular has been a project on her mind for several years, back when she first discovered what “cryptozoology” meant. She’s a total dork who loves anything and everything strange, including weird monster babies that don’t even exist. (…Or DO they?) Cait spends most of her time drawing, conquering videogames, howling at the moon, and dragging string around for her cats.

You can find her work at


Trevor Bream

is actually a tadpole in human form. This humble beginning has led to him pursuing a degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment from the University of Baltimore, so he can spread the joy of videogames to his tadpole brethren. Without him, Irregular would still be a weird collection of jpegs in the depths of Cait’s hard drive, but his writings have truly brought it to life. He enjoys late walks on the beach, Lovecraft, horror games, and storytelling. He dreams of one day becoming a frog, and spends most days discussing it in length with Cricket the cat. She doesn’t care, really.