Irregular is a webcomic illustrated by Cait May, and written by Cait and Trevor Bream.

They live in Baltimore with their two cats.



Cait May is an illustrator, Balti-Moron, purveyor of poisonous plants, and absolute super nerd. She is obsessed with cryptozoology, D&D, ghost stories, and all things that go bump in the night. She has been published in The Atlantic, Vengeful Ghost, and Cryptid Culture Magazine. She wants to make comics that appeal to all ages and help readers face the crazy world we live in using their personal superpowers. Cait spends most of her time drawing, conquering videogames, howling at the moon, and dragging string around for her cats.

You can find her work at


Trevor Bream is an author, Dungeon Master, cat dad, and is secretly a tadpole in human form. They want to tell stories that appeal to all, especially the queer community. Irregular is their debut into the world of comics writing, and they cannot wait to bring more tales to the table. Without them, Irregular would still be a weird collection of jpegs in the depths of Cait’s hard drive, but their writings have truly brought it to life. They enjoys late walks on the beach, Lovecraft, horror games, and storytelling.